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The NBCHT has a requirement for Continuing Education Credits for Recertification which requires a minimum of 36 hours of continuing education credits received at I-ACT

Conventions or other courses as approved by the NBCHT. In addition, to recertify each individual may attend one I-ACT Convention every three years.

Continuing education credit will not be given for the following:

(1) education incidental to the regular professional activities of a colon hydrotherapist, such as learning occurring from experience;

(2) professional organizational activity, such as serving on committees or councils or as an officer in a professional organization;

(3) college academic courses which are audited or not taken for credit;

(4) any experience which does not fit the types of acceptable continuing education established by the NBCHT.

Documentation supporting continuing education hours must be submitted when applying for recertification.

Continuing education supporting documentation includes certificates of attendance or completion; transcripts of academic work; or any other documentation acceptable to the NBCHT.

Certificants who receive an audit form with the annual renewal notice shall submit all appropriate documentation. The NBCHT will randomly check the validity of supporting documentation that has been submitted. Individuals submitting improper CEU documentation will immediately lose their certification.

If you believe you have taken courses that will count for your recertification, please download and fill out the NBCHT Form to Request CEU Credits.

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